Test of Delta SUP Fin

 Publicerad: 2013-03-16

The leading German SUP online magazine Superflavor has tested the Delta SUP fin of Maui Ultra Fins – The result: A strong buy!

A SUP-fin can influence the characteristics of your Stand Up Paddle board positively and negatively. First of all, a SUP fin should keep your board on track. Other characteristics depend on the board its applications. Beginners would like to have a stable SUP board while downwind paddlers and racers are keen on agility and beach-race paddlers go for a board that keeps its track like a train. To cover all conditions and applications, you need to have a big quiver of fins to go along with the matching board(s).

That was until now! The Delta SUP fin seems to combine all relevant features of an SUP fin. We tested an 18 cm Delta SUP fin of Maui Ultra Fins on a Naish Glide Javelin 12.6. The board was already very directional using such a small fin that also stabilized the board across the diagonal axis. Stunningly, the manoeuvrability of the board was not affected at all. Even pivotal turns using the narrow tail of the Naish Javelin 12.6 could easily be performed without any problems. The measured high speed and the agility were slightly behind classic weed race fins. However, the Delta SUP pays back with a much broader range of use.

Maui Ultra Fins Delta SUP is a multi-purpose SUP fin which excels in wave-riding, cruising, racing, and especially weed racing. The short length makes it very agile in waves while the big enough area keeps the board absolutely on track.

The fin is produced using performance core material which makes it light and stiff. Available sizes are 18 and 20 cm for US- and Powerbox. A carbon version will be available later this year. Prices differ between 99/109 Euros for the PCM version and 199 Euros for the carbon version.

Author and credits: Superflavor / Christian Hahn http://www.superflavor.de/delta-sup-finne-von-maui-ultra-fins-im-test/2013/9396/.