Many consider Koncept to be KA,s signature sail. It is certainly the sail that has both impressed and brought huge smiles to speed freaks around the globe for many years. We could easily brag about the records this sail has broken on multiple occasions but we would much rather simply explain its virtues. The Koncept combines the blistering speed and acceleration of a full blooded race sail with the user friendliness of a freeride sail. With its lightweight ergonomic you hardly know it is there when you are blasting your local spot and setting new personal best speeds. 7 battens and 3 cams provide the stability you expect from a super high performance sail without it becoming a monster that only gorillas can hang on to.

For 2013 we made the decision to expand the speed range by adding new sizes that cover all wind conditions for different weight sailors. However our biggest challenge was figuring out how to make this speed machine even better. Our chief designer and speed guru, Andrew, took months looking over all the numbers, analyzing, refining and even writing mathematical equations to solve complex shaping calculations. Luff curves were remodeled, seam shaping changed to the sub millimeter level and batten tapers and stiffness’s optimised. The result has been enhanced stability in extreme conditions, a lighter feel when fully powered and as you would expect from this speed demon you will find higher numbers appearing on your GPS.

• Altered luff curves increase foil stability
• Seam shaping added in the “power zone” to increase drive and acceleration
• Slightly shorter boom lengths lighten the back hand feel
• New sizes mean there is a size to suit all conditions and sailor weights
• Lightweight triaxial laminate in the luff sleeve reduces weight¨

Koncept, the science of speed 


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 5.4 400/19 409 180 Nej 7
 5.8 430/21 423 186 Nej 7


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ka.sails 2013 koncept

  • Tillverkare: KA Sails
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